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Our board-certified audiologist specializes in a very individualized approach in providing solutions to a person's hearing difficulty. This may include the use of hearing aid amplification, patient and family counseling, and/or the use of assistive listening devices when appropriate. We provide testing and rehabilitative services to both pediatric and adult populations, and pride ourselves in providing a professional clinical environment for the patients we serve.

Island Family Hearing Clinic

Dr. Peter Keating
Doctor of Audiology

Choosing a hearing professional is an important decision and one that can greatly impact your overall hearing success.

At Island Family Hearing Clinic we understand that this decision is based on trust and the professional care and commitment demonstrated by the hearing care professional. Dr. Peter Keating feels it is of great importance to take the time to understand your hearing needs and concerns and to provide a thorough and comprehensive hearing evaluation. Based on these findings, recommendations are made and if hearing aids are appropriate, he helps you decide on the most effective hearing instruments for your hearing needs, lifestyle and financial considerations.

Proper instruction and training is then provided regarding the care and use of the hearing instruments and the performance of the hearing aids are measured and verified to maximize optimum comfort and effectiveness for the hearing aid user.

In addition, we provide the necessary support, counseling and ongoing service to ensure continued hearing aid success. At Island Family Hearing Clinic we care for you as an individual and are dedicated to providing the highest level of hearing care possible to best improve your quality of life.

  • Hearing Aid Sales and Service
  • Professional Testing Environment
  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Professional Hearing Aid Consultations
  • Full Range of Hearing Aid Styles and Technologies
  • Free Hearing Cleanings, Checks, and In-Office Maintenance Services

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